Sustainable investment is integral to everything we do – not only to our investments but to the way we operate.

Returns, responsibly

Financial growth remains at the heart of our real estate investments. We believe that growth is best achieved by placing social and environmental issues at the core of our property acquisition and management strategy.

Our ambition is impact

More than 50% of existing buildings will still be here in 50 years, so building new developments may not be the most sustainable way of working. That’s why, instead of actions that sound sustainable, we challenge traditional perceptions to understand what true sustainability looks like, so we can grow real value for investors, tenants, communities and the environment.

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A new breed of opportunity

Assets that play their part in growing better communities as well as delivering financial performance: those are the assets that will form the Hunter REIM portfolio of the future.

We have always believed that real estate is a local business. Our assets have already made a difference within their local communities. Now, we’re applying our impact focus to acquiring, transforming and managing a new breed of opportunity.

Building the evidence

We want to make the decision to invest with us an easy one. That’s why, every year, we add more data to support our strategies and uncover new opportunities. If you’ve been considering investing sustainably, we’re establishing the evidence that make the decision easy.

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The route less risky

Is sustainable impact investment really the riskier option? We don’t believe so. Because when the world is looking to invest more responsibly, we believe ignoring sustainability is the riskier investment, reputationally and financially.

Sustainable tenants, sustainable suppliers

We can’t change the world on our own. We need our partners, tenants and suppliers to join us on the journey.

We believe that plays to our and your advantage because it means everyone involved in acquiring, transforming and managing our assets has the same goals of delivering growth, responsibly.

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Returns for every investor

Some of our clients are new to impact investing. Some are already well-accustomed to it and value our insight and ability to identify new opportunities. Whatever your experience, we’ll help you realise your investment ambitions.